Meet the Artist

Great to have you here!
I am MataMia, the ceramic artist with Ukrainian roots based in Edmonton, Alberta.

I've always been a creative person, from making polymer clay jewelry in middle school to photography in high school and to oil painting in university. I've been through a lot of hobbies but I have always had a desire for my art to be functional, physical. Something that you can use and cherish daily.

Glazing pottery


So I found pottery. Now my artistic journey is focused on blending my Ukrainian heritage, imagination and nature’s beauty into one. With ceramics I can now bring a touch of that outdoorsy, whimsical charm into everyday life. I'm all about art that lives with a purpose. Be it a mug, plate or a simple lantern I sincerely hope that you find joy in my creations. Every piece I do is very intentional, original and made with love.